Essential Oils & Flavour Ingredients

We’re Australia’s trusted producer of essential oils and flavour ingredients.

A glass with lemon slices and water, sitting on a table with a lemon.

Trusted for decades

For over 30 years, Natural Fractions has provided customers in Australia and around the world with quality citrus ingredients for flavours and fragrances.

A bunch of lemons on their branch.
A close up of orange in an orange coloured liquid.

Global expertise

Today, we are Australia’s biggest processor of cold pressed citrus oils and the preferred supplier to some of the largest flavour and fragrance companies throughout the world.

We’re based in the heart of South Australia’s famous Riverland

A view of crop fields and a river, as seen from up high in the air.
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Manufactured in Australia

As we manufacture our products here in Australia, while sourcing the best ingredients from both locally and from around the world, we can meet our local customers needs quickly and in full compliance with Australian regulations.

A pile of orange slices.
A pile of lime slices.
A peeled rind of an orange citrus fruit, surrounded by a splash of liquid.

Our Products

Natural Fractions supplies an extensive range of quality citrus ingredients, essential oils and concentrated oils including d-Limonene, Orange Terpenes, and Lemon and Orange oils.

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